Backbone of Autonomy

GeoAutonomy brings a unified methodology to motion, sensor, and data integration within a single software framework.

Our advanced software framework is a backbone for autonomy, fulfilling the promise of true autonomous mobility.

True autonomy to us means completely untethered machines, requiring neither wired connections nor wireless communications (GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or access to the Cloud).

Our integrated approach fulfills this promise as all systems communicate and operate together seamlessly.

Our technology is optimized for the unique challenges of confined-space Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAVs“) operating in GPS-denied environments.

Inspection of electrical vaults, power plants, under bridges, inside tunnels and mines, and other infrastructure projects can be accomplished with unprecedented levels of autonomy.

Save time and money, but most importantly, lives – by sending UAVs instead of people into harsh and dangerous environments for routine and emergency inspections.

GeoAutonomy is making its powerful software platform available to partners and customers to quickly and easily develop their own applications and deploy autonomous machines that fly, drive, dive, or swim.

Join us on our journey to make true autonomy a reality.

Find out what sets GeoAutonomy apart.